Cloudy Urine – Is It Alarming?

Normal urine has yellow clear color. However, there are times when a person excretes cloudy urine. Obviously, you will not think that it is normal because there is a possibility that it is a sign of other serious illnesses. This color of urine is caused by several factors such as infections, food intakes as well […]


Dry Cough Treatment

When it comes to treating a dry cough, you have a few choices to make. If you are looking for some immediate relief, then your best treatment option would be to find a good dry cough remedy. This does not involve a trip to a doctor, and won’t cost you much, if anything. If the […]


Top 5 Causes of Dry Cough and Sore Throat

It is common for people to complain about dry cough and sore throat, regardless of season. Yet, in cold climates, winter and the colds it brings favor the appearance of these bothersome symptoms. In the majority of cases, the association of sore throat and dry cough results from the irritation of the bronchial tubes in […]


A Brief Explanation Of Inflammatory Acne Conglobata

This is the worst form of this condition and is known medically as Acne conglobata, it basically includes all of the worst symptoms associated with acne and can be very difficult to treat successfully, with a last resort being the powerful and potentially harmful drug Isotertinoin more commonly called Accutane. Acne conglobata usually manifests itself in late […]


Positive Pregnancy Test

The most frustrating thing a woman can experience is the idea that she might or might not be pregnant. The moment when you wait for the line to get red or pink, as the case implies, is the most nerve raking moment. I think all women have gone through this at least once. Nowadays, the […]


Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Indigestion

Indigestion is a kind of discomfort of stomach that happens to overindulgence in food. Indigestion also known by the name of dyspepsia happens whenever there’s some problem in the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. Most of the times indigestion occurs after eating spicy or fatty food or because of overeating. Some of the […]


Are Double Chin Exercises An Alternative To Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery to remove your double chin, you should probably consider some alternatives such as exercises and other aids first. The reason is that while these days while it’s fairly routine, cosmetic surgery on any part of your body is by no means risk free. All medical procedures involve […]


Poison Ivy Contagious

Poison ivy contains a chemical oil named urushiol, and the plant releases the oil when touched by someone. Urushiol is present in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant. It is said that many of the people are sensitive to this particular oil and they develop a rash if touched. People may suffer with some some […]


How is Honey Made in the Beehive

Honey is made and used by bees as a food source. The worker bees collect the sugar-rich nectar from flowers and transport the nectar in their honey stomachs to the hive. Relaying it to the house bees, the bee nectar which differs in content for each species of plant, is processed by the house bees […]


Eye Disease: The stye

A stye is an infection of the glands of the eyelid that can occur at all ages but are most common in children and young people. Typically resolves with antibiotic ointments. 1. What is a stye? Stye. Can affect both the upper and the lower eyelid. A stye is an infection of the glands of […]