An Overview of Stye Eye

The eye is an opening on our skin that must be kept clean at all times. When we fall short of keeping the skin on our face clean, some infection is bound to happen. A stye eye in particular is like a pimple in the eyelids. Eye doctors call this a hordeolum.

The eyelashes have a gland under each hair follicle. The skin at the end of the eyelash follicle is sometimes filled with excess oils and bacteria. If this happens, the oil becomes pus and a swelling develops. This develops into an infection that is somewhat like a pimple in nature. Sometimes the hordeolum grows inside the eyelid and sometimes it grows on the out side of the eyelid.

Whichever side the stye grows, it gives the eye an irritation. The person would want to scratch the eyelid because it might feel itchy and even painful. If it grows bigger, it may even make a person’s vision blurred. When this happens, do not scratch the eye with bare hands. Here’s what a person should do if a stye becomes irritating.

A stye eye may be very uncomfortable. Doctors advise applying a clean hot towel on the eye to sooth the eyelid. Hold the hot towel on the infected eye for about ten minutes. Do not use scalding hot water so that you will not be burned. Do this four times a day if possible. As days go by, the stye usually ripens and the pus is drained just like a pimple head. If the stye in your eye lid does not dry up in one week, better consult an eye doctor.

If a stye eye continues for a week, your eye doctor will prescribe an antibiotic ointment. Antibiotic ointments come in small tubes. Apply the ointment by directly squeezing out the medicine on the stye. This should allow the infection to heal much faster.

In order to avoid getting more styes in the future, remember not to scratch your eyes with bare hands. Always use the clean fold of a handkerchief to scratch your itchy eye. Furthermore, make sure you go to bed with a clean face. Take a shower or wash your face with soap or hypo – allergenic cleansing lotion before going to bed. You must also change your beddings regularly. Your bed should always have clean pillow cases, blankets and sheets. Most important of all, eat plenty of carrots because they contain beta – carotene that will help keep your eyes sharp and healthy.




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