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Great fluffy scrambled eggs

The key to making fluffy scrambled eggs is to make them using fresh ingredients and then serve and eat them immediately. The techniques for making perfect scrambled eggs can be learned with practice. The following steps will help you achieve this delicious fluffy egg delight.

Fresh ingredients

Supermarket eggs are already at least twenty-four hours old when they are sold. Some people in urban areas have started to keep a couple of pet hens. This ensures they get really fresh eggs. If you do this you need to care of your pet chickens, but the glory of being able to eat really fresh new laid eggs is worth a little effort.

Check your eggs’ freshness

Whatever your source of eggs, you will need to learn to recognize what a fresh egg looks like. A fresh egg has a firm yolk and thick viscous egg white. When you crack your eggs into the mixing bowl, check that the yolk stands strong and proud. It should be the shape of a baseball cut in half. It should be a symmetrical half-spherical shape.  When eggs are several days old, the yolk sinks down and the white becomes thinner and runnier.

Beating the eggs

To make fluffy scrambled eggs whisk the yolk and white together briskly using a fork. This should be done by hand; there is no need to use an electric whisk. It will take less than a minute of wrist whisking action. As you beat the fork briskly, raise your arm up and down slightly to trap air into the mixture.

Add milk

Again, make sure that the milk is as fresh as possible. Semi-skimmed whole milk works best for this dish. For each person use two beaten eggs and one tablespoon of milk. Gently stir the milk into the foaming eggs and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking the scrambled eggs

Melt a knob of butter in a non-stick pan. With a wooden spoon or non-stick spatula move it around and ensure it covers the whole of the pan before you add the eggs. Keeping the heat on high, pour in the beaten egg mixture.

As the eggs cook, gently move the mixture from the center to the sides of the pan. By doing this, you will ensure that all parts of the eggs can reach the hot surface of the pan and cook.

The big secret of successful fluffy scrambled eggs!

The frying pan must be removed from the heat source before the eggs are fully cooked. The scrambled eggs will continue to cook using the heat retained by the pan, even after you have taken them off the heat. Taking them off the heat early stops the eggs getting overcooked and thus keeps them nice and soft and fluffy.

Eat and serve

The smell will be so tempting that you’ll have no trouble sitting down and eating them immediately. Fluffy scrambled eggs are great on their own or you can eat them with hot buttered toast.


Breakfast Dishes that can be Served all Day

Some people blur the lines when it comes to what is eaten at certain times of the day. Other people are very rigid and only eat breakfast in the morning hours, light fare for lunch and a hearty meal for dinner. This may have been standard practice at one time; however, now more and more people are trying out breakfast dishes for dinner.

There are certain foods and dishes that rise to the top when considering what breakfast foods can be served for lunch and dinner. These dishes are kitchen-tested and consumer-approved.


These little gems are so versatile that they can be prepared and eaten at any meal. They can accompany many meats like pork chops, steaks and ground beef. Eggs can be made into appetizers, a side dish or the main course. One appeal to eating eggs is that they can stand alone or go with other foods. 

The key to fixing eggs is experimentation. Try a few different recipes and even come up with your own using eggs as the star. Eggs are not just for breakfast any more. 

Sausage (ground and patty)

Meat is a staple for many people at each meal of the day and evening. Sausage can be mixed with fried potatoes and doused with gravy or eaten plain with just a few chopped onions. Sausage patties can be made into small sandwiches and create a wonderful lunch. 

Sausage can be used in so many different ways. You can buy pre-seasoned or plain and add your own spices and seasonings. You can use ground sausage in place of ground beef in many dishes like meatloaf and tacos.

Biscuits and gravy

In some areas, this dish is not considered breakfast at all and is only enjoyed for lunch or dinner. There is no denying that a plate of halved biscuits smothered in thick, creamy gravy is very filling and will stick with you. This is a great meal for a cold winter evening or for lunch, to warm up after playing in the snow.

You can experiment with your gravy by adding things like cooked ground beef/sausage/pork, sliced mushrooms or chopped onions. If you are not keen on making homemade gravy, then find a suitable gravy mix at your local grocery store and go from there. 

Chicken fried steak and gravy

This dish is enjoyed by many people at different times throughout the day. It has a flavor that makes it appealing for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You have one very hearty and filling meal when this is served up on a plate with some sort of potato and a biscuit. You could even add a vegetable such as green beans or sweet corn. 

Some people like to have eggs with their chicken fried steak and that is great too. Eggs do not taste that bad with a little bit of gravy, if you like eggs and gravy. 

It doesn’t hurt to occasionally think outside of the box. At one time, eggs were considered strictly a breakfast food and now people fix them any time. The simple fact is if something sounds good then eat it! It has been said that when the body is craving something, it is for a good reason. 

Some dishes have gained such popularity that they are offered all day long in some restaurants. If they can do it, then so can you. The lines of what dish is appropriate at what time have been blurred to the point that it really doesn’t matter anymore.