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Best Fast Food with regards to Nutrition

Healthy fast food?  There’s a growing public demand for it that could one day completely revolutionize the fast food industry. While it may not happen as soon as many health enthusiasts would like, the good news is that the food industry has already begun to offer healthier menu options. But if individuals want to take advantage of these now, what are the best choices they can make? 

According to the National Institute of Health, products considered to be fast food are quick, easily accessible and inexpensive alternatives to home-cooked meals. That said, it can be added that these products have historically been devoid of high nutritional quality. Contributing unnecessary calories, fat, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients, they continue to be sold due to the reality that many people still want them, will pay to get them, and are eating them more often than ever before. 

While one may wish to eat an occasional fast food meal or snack, frequent consumption can contribute to decreased feelings of well-being such as heartburn and weight gain as well as increased health risks, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Cutting down on frequency of intake of fast food and making healthier choices is one way to ultimately help increase the potential for enhanced quality of life as well as longer lifespans. The following are tips and examples of some of the best fast foods to choose with regard to nutritional value: 

Think vegetables 

Leafy salads, for example, are always an excellent choice. Not only do they provide enzymes important for digestion that are not available from cooked foods, but they help detoxify and cleanse the body. A good habit to get into is to have the salad before a meal. Not only will this help with digestion, but it can help reduce chances of overeating by slowing down food intake and contributing to feelings of fullness due to the fiber content of the vegetables. 

Other good habits to develop are to vary the kinds of salads and vegetables one consumes and be careful with salad dressings and toppings.  Explore and experiment with different produce, including the dark green and colored varieties. Ultimately, no matter how healthy a food is, an individual will lose interest once boredom sets in. Also, avoid high-fat salad dressings and bacon, cheese, and other toppings that add fat and calories. Select low-fat or fat-free salad dressings, vinegar, lemon juice and herbs. 

Make healthier meal selections with protein and other nutrients    

The type of food and how it is prepared are among issues that can impact calorie intake and nutrition. For example, instead of choosing a fried chicken sandwich for lunch, select a grilled chicken salad. Instead of ordering a foot-long sub made up of white bread and high-fat meat such as ham, meatballs, or steak, try a six-inch sub made with lean meat such as roast beef or chicken breast. Avoid meat that is breaded or fried and ask for it to be steamed or grilled, as appropriate. 

If you still want dessert afterwards or desire an afternoon snake, choose  low-fat desserts. Increasingly, fast food restaurants are offering apple slices, fruit cups, and various fruit options.  

The best fast foods are wholesome and as close to natural as possible. According to the American Heart Association, as well as the American Cancer Society and other health agencies, fast food can be good but also involves some planning. Read nutrition labels, restaurant menus, and nutrition guides before you eat out or purchases food. While traditional fast food may be with us for a long time, healthier options are becoming more readily available and popular every year.                         


Amazing Burgers and Generous Libations

When your dining plans are up in the air or your dinner ends up burned in the oven or stuck to the pan on the burner, it’s time for Plan B. If you are lucky enough to live near Glastonbury Ct then you can head to the real Plan B for a delicious dinner or lunch. Plan B in Glastonbury is one of three restaurants  in this small chain located in Connecticut.

Plan B bills itself as a burger bar with good booze and great burgers. The burgers are indeed great being made from 100% aged certified organic and humane beef which is never frozen. It is ground fresh daily on the premises. All of the burgers can also be served “in the grass” on a bed of organic iceberg lettuce, without the bun.

We came here for dinner on a Thursday in July with a group of 8, which included 2 children. We called ahead to ask about reservations but they are not taken. The restaurant is much bigger than it appears from the outside. It is much harder to find a parking spot in the limited lot than it is to find a seat in the restaurant. There is a parking garage nearby for overflow parking.

The restaurant has a large bar area that we walked through to get to the farthest dining room. There appeared to be two dining rooms as well as outdoor dining. We had to wait only a few minutes while they set up our table for us. As we waited for the final members of our group, our drink orders were taken.

The menu does have a great selection of burgers but if you have something else in mind there are a lot of other choices. One thing about the burgers, you have only two temperature choices, some pink or no pink. My husband prefers to eat his burgers medium rare and with that option not offered he decide to go with the pork chops. These are done shake and bake style, with mashed potatoes, southern style green beans and blue cheese gravy.

I ordered the mini cheese burgers which are served with Parmesan fries. You can ask for the sweet potato fries because one of my friends did and it was no problem. One of our friends ordered the Beef Wellington Bites, which is an appetizer. We had seen some of the meals going by us and they looked so big that he thought it might be enough for a meal. It definitely wasn’t it was three small but scrumptious little bites, cooked to perfection. Luckily my husband’s pork chops were so overwhelmingly large that he was able to give one to our friend and still have enough to eat.

My mini burgers came stacked which is so adorable. They tasted great too. Another of our friends got the New England Burger which adds lobster to the burger. If you like lobster, they also have lobster sliders and lobster pot pie.

Plan B has lots of salad choices, a three cheese fondue appetizer, a salmon burger and country meatloaf just to mention a few of the menu items. The menu has a variety of interesting choices and no matter what your tastes,  you should be able to find something you might like.