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Nyquil Abuse

When a young person starts with Nyquil abuse, it can go unnoticed in the beginning. But while the signs may be visible after sometime, it can be difficult for the abusers to actually accept that they need help. By this, we mean that regular abuse of Nyquil can cause physical dependence as well as addiction.

Nyquil is a permissible and convenient over the counter medication that does not require a prescription from a health care provider to obtain. In addition, it is cheap in any state. In case you take this medicine in the same way that has been directed by your personal health care provider, they you can be able to derive the right therapeutic benefits from it. However, continuous misuse or abuse can result in increase in Nyquil addition.

Nyquil contains DXM, which is a chemical substance that is used in over hundred OTC medicines used for the treatment of colds and coughs. DXM has been used in these medications since the 70’s. Nevertheless, this drug has also been found in a number of other drugs and has dissimilar actions on the user’s central nervous system. Nyquil is also known to contain acetaminophen as one of the key active ingredients. Also, alcohol content is present in Nyquil – making the abuse much more prevalent.

Because of these powerful ingredients, Nyquil can induce addiction on regular users. When used in high amounts, Nyquil can generate a high that is akin to that of DMX or PCP. Nevertheless, when taken according to the recommendations of a health care provider, the DMX present in Nyquil is harmless and effective in suppressing coughs.

While alcohol is included as a moderate sedative in Nyquil, so why we recommend not to mix nyquil and alcohol . The chances of a person developing physical dependency on the doses that are recommended by the health care provider are small. To start with, the content of alcohol present is not enough to generate dependency.

Next, it is known that alcohol doesn’t trigger dependency, except for cases where the user is susceptible for the condition (e.g. where the person comes from a family where cases of drug and alcohol abuse are deeply ingrained). Thirdly, the content of alcohol present in this drug is in its inactive form.

Any medicine that works by altering the functioning of the central nervous system can be abused and consequently result in addiction. The initial step to suffering Nyquil abuse is normally taking the drug for non-therapeutic purposes to obtain a euphoric feeling. As a result, addiction starts to appear and with persistent use, a person can suffer severe addiction that can be characterized by a number of dangerous health complications.

The risk for Nyquil abuse is more if you hail from a family with a medical past of alcoholism or drug abuse and addiction. In addition, Nyquil abuse and addiction is associated with age and is widely experienced by teenagers and young adults.

Nyquil abuse or addiction is a condition that is well recognized by professional health care providers as well as treatment specialists, so find help as soon as possible if you are affected.


Best Time of Day to Enjoy Smoothies Breakfast Lunch or Dinner

One of the best things about smoothies is their versatility. This is not only in regards to what you can use to make up the smoothie itself, but also in regards to the time in which you can enjoy them. Smoothies are undeniably one of the very best and most enjoyable ways to get your “five a day”. They are delicious, healthy and incredibly easy to make. You can both hand make smoothies or use a smoothie maker to blend everything together into one delicious liquidized beverage. Here is a guide explaining the benefits of drinking smoothies at different times.

Benefits of drinking smoothies in the morning

If you have trouble getting out of bed, then indulging in a smoothie can prove to be the wakeup call that you need. Smoothies can be made out of a variety of fruit and vegetables, many of which contain healthy complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring sugars. Eating a healthy breakfast is a sure-fire way to get energized in the morning for the day ahead and therefore, eating a delicious smoothie can prove to be a flawless way to give your body the energy it needs to kick yourself into gear in time for work, and of course, the fact that you have had a healthy, delicious breakfast will make you feel good about yourself and make you feel less sluggish.

Can you drink smoothies at night?

In reality, you can enjoy smoothies for breakfast when you get up, for lunch to keep you going in the day and even at night when you get home for work. The time in which they can be enjoyed is one of the reasons that smoothies are so versatile; there really isn’t a time limit on them at all. Providing you only use healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables and avoid additional ingredients such as processed sugar or caffeine, then there really is no reason that you should not enjoy a smoothie at night. You can even enjoy a smoothie before bed-time if you so desire but remember, eating right before bed isn’t always a good idea because your body is inactive during sleep meaning you will not be burning any excess calories like you would during the day.

Smoothies as a meal replacement

Sometimes, work and other things can simply get in the way of meal preparation and planning in life. It is for this reason that people often turn to fast food and takeaway meals instead of preparing healthy meals at home. However, whenever you get the urge to take the kids and the family out for a burger and fries or order in a pizza, instead, think of the benefits of a smoothie. A smoothie is much healthier and they are quick and easy to make meaning your belly can be full in just as much time as it would take to wait for a pizza or to get everyone ready to go out for junk food. You will find that after your belly is full, you won’t crave junk food anyway. Most people only crave junk food when they are hungry simply because it is tasty and appeals to you at that time. Fill your belly with a tasty smoothie and it can prove to be a healthy meal replacement, especially when compared to junk food.

As one of the most versatile meal choices and snack choices alike, there really has never been a better time to jump on the smoothie bandwagon. Smoothies are incredibly versatile and just about any fruit and vegetable can be blended together and mixed with other things such as milk to make a delicious smoothie. They can prove to be very healthy, very filling and great at any time of the day. For those busy and on the go, they can also prove to be a great and healthy meal replacement alternative to junk food when you simply do not have the time or energy to cook. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner or morning, noon or night; smoothies are indeed one of the best and healthiest meal and snack choices out there, depending of course on what ingredients you add to the mix.


How to roast coffee beans at home

Green coffee beans are roasted in order to alter their physical properties into a product that is delicious and aromatic. Normally a green coffee bean will expand to twice its size during the roasting process. As it absorbs the heat, the bean will begin to change colors. The green color will shift from yellow, to a light brown shade, and finally it will take on a dark, oily color.

Oils will appear on the surface of the bean and the darkening will continue as long as the bean is exposed to the heat. This is where the terms “light roast” and “dark roast” come from. If a coffee bean is lightly roasted, it will maintain much more of its original flavor. These are the flavors and characteristics a bean takes on according to it’s growing location.

Beans that take on a dark brown color have been roasted so long that the roast flavor becomes dominant and overwhelms the original flavor. When that happens, it’s hard to really tell what the origin of the coffee is. For instance, Kona, Java, Kenya and Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica have distinctive flavors and aromas, but over roasting will dominate these original flavors. Ideally, a medium roast is the best of both worlds. The “Full City Roast” is considered an ideal choice because it’s not too dark and not too light.

When professionals roast coffee, it normally involves a process of cleaning, roasting, grinding, and ultimately, packaging of the final product. The green beans are dumped into a hopper and all debris is removed. The beans are conveyed to a roaster that typically operates at temperatures between 350 and 540 degrees F. The roasting time is not all that long. The beans might be roasted for a few minutes or up to half an hour. Usually the roaster is a rotating drum that tumbles the green coffee beans to ensure they are roasted evenly.

Once the roasting is finished, the beans are sprayed with water, dried, and run through a piece of equipment called a “destoner.” If any debris was missed in the initial screening, the destoner will remove it. From there the beans are dried and either ground or packaged as whole beans.

If a bean is left in it’s original “whole” state, it can retain it’s freshness for up to one month. Once it’s ground, it’s considered to be “fresh” for about 24 hours. Think about that for a minute. That means if you buy a one pound bag ground coffee that lasts you about a week, it’s not really all that fresh for the last 6 days. Now that’s food for thought and is one very good reason for buying fresh coffee beans and grinding them at home as you need them.

You can even take it a step further and roast your own beans at home. Up until the end of the 19th century this was a very common practice, but faded in popularity with the advent of commercial roasting companies. However, “home roasting” of coffee beans is gaining in popularity once again. There is an economic advantage, but more importantly, coffee lovers have full control over the characteristics of the final product.

There are several methods that can be used if you decide to roast your coffee beans at home. One of the best methods it so use a “drum roaster.” This type of roaster ensures that the beans are continually moving. This is key to the roasting process, otherwise the beans will burn. These portable roasters will often out do the quality of roast coffee beans you can buy on the market. Besides that, they are easy to operate. You simply dump the beans in and set the timer.

It will take some experimenting at first, but eventually you will discover the perfect light, medium, or dark roast for you.

The next method is not highly recommended, but if you don’t happen to have a roaster, you can dump the beans into your popcorn popper. The beans will definitely keep moving, but because air is used, the outer skin of the coffee beans will be flying all over the place. You might want to take this idea out to the backyard.

You can also try the oven, but that’s pretty risky. For one thing, the beans are not being roasted evenly as there is no movement, and you risk burning them if you misjudge the time. The smell of burned coffee beans will linger in your home for a long, long time.

If all else fails, you can give your cast iron frying pan a try. If you can get this right, you might well have the best coffee you have ever tasted. It’s imperative to keep the beans moving at all times. Give them your full attention, because just walking away for a few minutes can result in a ruined batch.

Once they are roasted to your satisfaction, pour them into a metal colander to cool and give them a good stir. Be sure to do this over the sink as the outside chaff will come off as you stir.

Whatever method you try, it would be interesting to see just how much difference there is between the coffee you buy at the local super market and the coffee you roast yourself.