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Is Stevia Safe

If you have a sweet tooth, but wish to avoid the calories and glucose from sugar or the toxic bi-products of artificial sweeteners, then Stevia is a choice you should look into.

Stevia is a small, green, whole leaf plant that is native to Paraguay. The leaves are extremely sweet and can be used whole (brewed with tea leaves), ground into powder, or sold in liquid form.

Aside from the use as a safe, non-caloric sweetener, preliminary studies indicate a possible link between Stevia and appetite suppression. It has been shown to interrupt the hunger mechanism causing people to feel fuller sooner. Containing glycosides, Stevia is not metabolized and contains no calories.

In addition, in its pure form, Stevia does not adversely affect blood glucose levels and is safe for diabetes or hypoglycemia sufferers. Diabetics have reported that 20-30 drops with each meal helps keep their glucose at normal levels after a short time period. Increased mental acuity and higher levels of energy have also been reported.


Breast Milk Flavored Lollipops

A traditional strawberries and cream lollipop or one with a zingy, fruity flavor? Everybody has their own preference when it comes to lollipops. They often invoke happy memories of childhood as soon as the flavor hits your taste buds. Not so with the newest flavor of lollipop to hit the market. The new breast milk flavored lollipop has caused more waves and controversy than it has queues at the local stores checkout. How has this new flavor of lollipop come about, who is the brain behind this innovative flavor and what has the reaction been?

The creator

Jason Darner, 34, is the founder of a rather unusual confectioner called ‘Lollyphile’ which is aimed at a purely adult market, although the Texas-based company do sell to both adults and children. They sell 23 other flavors of lollipop. Many of these are inspired by the flavor of alcoholic liqueurs, such as habanero tequila, bourbon, Irish cream, strawberry basil mojito, white Russian or amaretto. Although the lollipops do not actually contain real breast milk, both the inspiration and research process for this particular flavor of lollipop have an interesting history.

The inspiration

Darner became curious about the appeal of breast milk when he noticed that the babies of friends seemed satisfied and relaxed after feeding from the breast. At the same time he also realized that it was a long time since he had tasted breast milk himself. This curiosity inspired him to test breast milk himself, with a friend offering him a shot glass of the first sample. He then decided to research the subject further by trying out five further samples, all willingly donated by personal friends. He then worked with a flavor company to reproduce the taste as closely as possible.

What the product contains

Although, as previously stated, this product does not contain any actual breast milk, it does boast the accolade of being a vegan product. The company informs customers that this lollipop is made from corn syrup, sugar and other natural flavors. The overall effect, they say, is a sweet almond taste with a creamy base.


Overall, this new and unusual flavor of ice cream has been met with mixed reactions. While some people have taken the view that it is not natural for adults to purchase such a product, many other adults have stated that they don’t have a problem with it and some find it funny. Although it is not aimed at children, those who have tested the product have been pleased with its flavor .

The breast milk lollipop, created by confectioner Jason Darner, has become a much talked about and controversial issue. However, once people realize that it is only inspired by the flavor of breast milk and does not actually contain the real thing, Darner’s latest innovation has gone down a storm with children and adults alike. The product can be purchased from their website, at a price of $10 for four lollipops.