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Cloudy Urine – Is It Alarming?

Normal urine has yellow clear color. However, there are times when a person excretes cloudy urine. Obviously, you will not think that it is normal because there is a possibility that it is a sign of other serious illnesses. This color of urine is caused by several factors such as infections, food intakes as well as medications.

When you notice that your urine is cloudy you should not panic immediately unless laboratory tests are done. The best thing to do is to be watchful with the patterns of your cloudy urine and note it. You need also to know what you feel during that time and the food you eat recently. It is also necessary to note the frequency of the urination. In case you notice cloudy urine for several days you should not wait a long time before visiting your doctor. Likewise, you should immediately take prescribed medicines if the cloudy urine is accompanied with pain and other symptoms.

In like manner, cloudy urine can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal discharge, dehydration, autoimmune system, infection and inflammation. On the other hand, cloudy urine can be accompanied with co-existing symptoms such as abdominal pain, bladder spasms, incontinence, foul smelling urine and urgent urination.

When not given immediate medical intervention, cloudy urine would lead to potential complications based on the underlying conditions. When the symptoms aggravate it would lead to kidney infection and diabetes that are more life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to treat the soonest possible time the cloudy urine problem to avoid further health issues.

On the other hand, a pregnant woman can also experience harmless cloudy urine. It is caused by hormonal changes as well as dietary modifications. Although it is harmless to have cloudy urine during pregnancy, it is still recommended to consult your health doctor. In this way possible urinary tract infection can be prevented. Keep in mind that experiencing urinary tract infection during pregnancy would pose harm to the baby inside the womb. That is why a pregnant woman should be watchful about the urine as well as the accompanying symptoms.

The cloudy urine during pregnancy might be due to the hormonal fluctuations during conception. The hormonal level is also altered by the dietary modifications that result to cloudy urine. Likewise, the turbidity of urine is also affected when taking large meal before going to bed. Phosphate crystals in the digested foods can make the urine cloudy. This might be temporary in a pregnant woman, but if it persists for several days, it is ideal to consult your doctor.

A pregnant woman who excretes cloudy urine should also check on the vaginal discharge. If there is an abnormal smell, there is a possibility that there is an excess protein in the urine. However, since it is prohibited to take drugs when pregnant you should not take the risk of taking your own prescriptions. Whether a person is pregnant or not, excreting cloudy urine should be given proper attention before the condition gets worse and leads to other serious illnesses.



Dry Cough Treatment

When it comes to treating a dry cough, you have a few choices to make. If you are looking for some immediate relief, then your best treatment option would be to find a good dry cough remedy. This does not involve a trip to a doctor, and won’t cost you much, if anything. If the dry cough has lasted for less than three weeks, or even if it has only just started, this is your best option to explore. It may be that the cough will clear up on its own, and so the best treatment is to get adequate rest and deal with the symptoms of a dry cough (sore throat, uncomfortable itchiness, and swelling) through the use of home remedies, or by taking cough sweets, cough drops, or cough lozenges. These work by using an ingredient like menthol to temporarily numb the receptors of the throat, allowing you some relief.

A dry cough is known as a non-productive cough, which means that it actually provides no benefit. This is unlike a normal cough, which is useful to expel phlegm or mucus. As a result of this, a cough suppressant can be used to decrease the impulse to cough by reducing the coughing reflex. If you are looking to buy cough suppressant treatment, look for medication that contains pholcodine, dextromethorphan, or codeine. Other natural cough suppressants include lemon, honey, glycerine, and linctus, which all work by creating a protective coat around the back of the throat.

If you are seeking on how to get rid of dry cough with an aim to cure yourself of the cough, it is vital to diagnose the cause of the dry cough. There is a more detailed post about dry cough causes that you may wish to read in order to diagnose yourself.

If you are known to have asthma, then your dry cough is likely to be a typical asthmatic cough, which should be treated by opening up the smooth muscle of the airway using a bronchodilator. A bronchodilator makes it easier to breathe by dilating the bronchi and bronchioles, which increase the airflow to the lungs.

It may be that a condition called gastroesophageal reflux, which is more commonly known as acid reflux. These means the acidic contents of the stomach end up flowing up the oesophagus and irritating the lining. If your dry cough is accompanied by heartburn, this is an even more likely diagnosis, in which case medicine will be prescribed to reduce the acid production of the stomach. If this cough and heartburn accompaniment only surfaces on occasion, the use of a peptic or antacid tablet will neutralize some of the stomach acid, providing temporary relief.

Just by providing a few examples, it is clear that when undertaking dry cough treatment with an attempt to rid yourself of the cough, the treatments totally differ. Always remember to seek medical expertise.

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A Brief Explanation Of Inflammatory Acne Conglobata

This is the worst form of this condition and is known medically as Acne conglobata, it basically includes all of the worst symptoms associated with acne and can be very difficult to treat successfully, with a last resort being the powerful and potentially harmful drug Isotertinoin more commonly called Accutane.

Acne conglobata usually manifests itself in late adolescence up to the early thirties, while this age group is the most common it may also occur as late as forty years of age.Commonly it may strike where a person already has acne.

It may also recur on someone who may have suffered from acne in the past.

As yet the defining cause of acne conglobata is not yet known but so far there appears to be an established link with the male hormone testosterone, and although women also have this hormone present, it is more prevalent in the male thus men are more often affected by this kind of acne.Other scientific links have also been established, but these are far less likely to affect the average person.

Acne conglobata usually starts with blackheads appearing around the face and neck although this may also include or extend to other areas notably the chest, arms and buttocks in small groups.

Pimples then form around the area of the blackheads, these can become quite big, unsightly and painful as they become filled with pus, finally the pore walls will rupture under the strain of the fluid and it may then drain and as tissues heal fill up again.

This rupturing and tissue damage may cause the lesions to become joined together forming larger shapes, and they can remain on the skin for a very long time, forming scabs, but continuing to spread outward.

At some point the lesions caused will heal properly, but the skin’s surface will be disfigured and scarred, as will always be noticed on the face of a person that has suffered from this dreadful condition.

Fortunately, nowadays with advances in medicine, acne scarring can be treated with a variety of different methods, many of which are very costly, such as laser surgery, microdermabrasion, or surgical excision of the tissue.

There are other options such as chemical injections, but the type of procedure you may need can only be determined by a dermatologist.

There are many different drugs and antibiotics used for the treatment of acne conglobata, if one does not work then another may be tried, the most powerful types will only be used as a last resort because of their potential side effects, which of course will be unknown quantity until a person starts taking the medication.

A dermatologist will be able to give you an expert opinion on your particular condition and advise you on the best course of action to proceed with based on what they see.

Acne Conglobata: causes,symptoms and treatment –


Positive Pregnancy Test

The most frustrating thing a woman can experience is the idea that she might or might not be pregnant. The moment when you wait for the line to get red or pink, as the case implies, is the most nerve raking moment. I think all women have gone through this at least once. Nowadays, the majority have an abortion on their list so,  a simple pregnancy test is piece of cake. When do we have pregnancy tests? Well, usually a woman thinks of getting a pregnancy test when her period has delayed.

There are a few pregnancy signs that give away a pregnancy. For example if your period is missing, if you have cramps, more powerful and more frequent than menstrual ones, when you have terrible morning sicknesses that last more than one day, when you feel tired all the time even if you have slept enough , if you go very often to the toilet, if you feel bloated or very hungry for no reason etc. There are many things that catch our attention we just have to know how to read them. Any time we are sick or have a problem , our organism is trying to worn us about something.

Women who know they had unprotected sex should worry more. Many teenagers and women too, lets not discriminate anyone, think that if the boy /man cums outside the vagina then it’s all good. Well, it’s not. Before the orgasm there are some leakages of sperm that can be problematic. You never know and you cannot trust a man when he is on the verge of having an orgasm. It’s best to take contraceptive pills or use a condom, that can also protect you from different diseases you are not aware of. Also, still while on pills it’s best to follow your program without any delays.

A pill taken after it’s time can cause an unbalance and if you have sex just then, you might remain pregnant even if you are on pill. Women who are taking birth control pills don’t think not for a second that they might be pregnant , but there are many cases when the pill is not effective due to different things like taking a powerful pain killer that diminished the power of the pill.

Taking pregnancy tests is the easy way out. You get the result in two minutes . it’s easy it’s quick and it saves you from all the bad thought in your mind. A positive pregnancy test is when the two lines get red. If it is only one then you can keep your calm. There is also the case when pregnancy tests do not show the true result because the test is taken too soon. Always take the test after a week from the day you had sex. This is the time in which the egg is fecundated , otherwise the test will show you a fake result. In the end, pregnancy tests are the easiest form of knowing where you stand. Positive pregnancy test can be a joy or a very big problem. In order to prevent any misfortune you should take care of yourself and be responsible.

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Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Indigestion

Indigestion is a kind of discomfort of stomach that happens to overindulgence in food.

Indigestion also known by the name of dyspepsia happens whenever there’s some problem in the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. Most of the times indigestion occurs after eating spicy or fatty food or because of overeating. Some of the symptoms of indigestion are bloating, formation of gas, burning sensation within the abdomen area, vomiting and so on.

Some common factors which can lead to indigestion are overeating, eating too rapidly or eating improperly cooked food. A sedentary lifestyle with little exercise is another factor which can lead to frequent bouts of stomach discomfort.

There are many natural ways to get rid of indigestion based on, and taking expensive store-bought products isn’t required. You are able to get rid of indigestion easily and quickly with natural products and dietary changes. For those who have a simple case of heartburn or excess acid that actually doesn’t seem all that simple, give these natural methods a go.

Green vegetables

The first and foremost remedy for indigestion would be to reduce meat and processed food. Include more fiber rich food into your diet. Eat fiber rich vegetables twice in your daily meal to prevent indigestion. There are some recommended vegetables such as green peas, broccoli, parsley, turnips, and soybeans which are very good for digestion.


This readily available spice can be of great help while struggling with indigestion. When cinnamon is taken it helps within the digestion process. Simply make a cup of cinnamon tea with the addition of half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to some cup of boiling water and allow it to steep for some minutes. Drink this herbal solution even though it is warm and you can notice instant respite from cramps and bloating caused because of indigestion.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are undoubtedly beneficial for indigestion. Chamomile teas are extremely beneficial for any kind of digestive problem. You can also take peppermint tea that is great for digestion. Make your herbal tea easily at home. Peppermint flavors can be put into enjoy better the hot tea.


During indigestion, orange is a such fruit that can calm the stomach to some great extent as it contains a variety of natural acids, particularly citric and ascorbic acids. You are able to eat an orange and try some freshly squeezed orange juice just before eating a heavy meal. This will help in increasing the acid within your stomach and improve your digestion capacity. Soon you’ll get huge relief from various symptoms of indigestion. Apart from orange, you may also try pineapple juice to improve digestion.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is easily the most effective remedy for indigestion. Pineapple juice, lemon juice, ginger juice works best against indigestion after meal.


Grapefruit may also be used for solving the problem of indigestion. The vitamins and nutrients present within the peel of grapefruit can ease the heat and irritation caused within the stomach due to indigestion. With the help of a grater grate grapefruit peel and permit it to dry in the sun for some hours. Take half a teaspoon of this dried peel if you suffer from stomachache. It will help in improving the flow of digestive juices making your digestive system work inside a better way.

Baking soda

Take a glass of drinking water after which mix half tablespoon of baking soda. Sip it gently; you’ll have a quick relief from indigestion.


Take a glass of buttermilk. Collect some crushed curry leaves, coriander leaves and blend it with buttermilk. Then have a happy sip, it’s a useful healing of indigestion.


Chewing a spoonful of fennel is really a great way to get rid of various symptoms of indigestion. Fennel seeds contain oil that will help during nausea and control flatulence. You can also try fennel tea with the addition of two teaspoons of the crushed fennel seeds inside a cup of hot water. Fennel seeds can be really helpful when indigestion is caused because of eating very spicy food or fatty food.


Are Double Chin Exercises An Alternative To Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery to remove your double chin, you should probably consider some alternatives such as exercises and other aids first. The reason is that while these days while it’s fairly routine, cosmetic surgery on any part of your body is by no means risk free. All medical procedures involve risk, especially when a general anesthetic is involved, so it’s a good idea to think about alternatives before you make your final decision.

The fact is there are all kinds of products designed to help you avoid the risk and expense of cosmetic surgery, including various double chin exercises, creams and chin straps. Some of them can be quite effective, while others are pretty much a waste of your time and money. So, how can you tell what’s going to be the best option for you, and which ones are really duds? What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a double chin?

Exercises Better Than Creams?

There are a number of specially designed creams on the market that claim to help you reduce the size and appearance of a double chin. Some of them can be effective at firming up the skin around your chin area. But despite what these products claim, for most people it’s really going to take more than applying a simple cream to fix the problem. If you combine a number of exercises (which can give great results) with one of the better creams on the market, you might have much better success. But unfortunately these creams cannot claim to be a “magic bullet”, and on their own are unlikely to give you the best benefits.

Is A Chin Strap Better Than Exercises?

There are a number of specialist devices on the market today that promise results similar to those you can get from cosmetic surgery. Their main claim to fame is they can give you some results while costing significantly less. And some of them have relatively sound science and customer reviews behind them.

But before you decide whether one of these chin-strap devices is better than cosmetic surgery for you, make sure you do your homework and see how believable their results are. In most of the ads, you’™ll see before and after photographs, but these days it’s hard to know whether the results were really achieved without the help of exercises or even double chin surgery.

Exercises & Diet Could Be The Key

While it’s true that for some people, there is a family history of people having a double chin, it’s not a purely genetic problem. The biggest causes are age, diet and exercise related. Knowing this, watching what you eat and performing some regular exercises might be all you need to smooth out your face and reduce or even fix your chin. The main thing to know is that most people really don’t need cosmetic surgery. There are other effective means of getting rid of a double chin available that you can try first, and maybe save yourself a lot of money, potential complications from surgery, and a painful recovery in the process.



Poison Ivy Contagious

Poison ivy contains a chemical oil named urushiol, and the plant releases the oil when touched by someone. Urushiol is present in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant. It is said that many of the people are sensitive to this particular oil and they develop a rash if touched. People may suffer with some some allergic reaction when their body is exposed. The common question among many people that may arise is that, is poison ivy contagious. Just a simple rash is not contagious but when the rash is broken and touched by some one it is said to be contagious. Once the oil is absorbed and reached inside the skin you need not worry. Poison ivy contagious only when we get into contact with urushiol. This should be immediately treated to avoid the increase of rash on the body.

The symptoms of poison ivy are only the red rashes that appear on the body after one or two days of contact with the oil. A person is likely to develop severe allergic reaction if he is too sensitive. Several other symptoms that have been noticed are swelling on the face or eyes, breathing problem or swelling in the throat. If any of the symptoms are observed it is better to consult a doctor immediately for immediate medication. Besides medication, many natural methods can also be adopted for treating this rash as they have no side effects. After a lot of research, it has been discovered that Dermisil is the best and effective in treating poison ivy according to Dermisil helps in reducing the itching sensation and gives a soothing effect to the rash. It can be safely used to reduce the rashes and blisters.

Poison ivy is a plant and the rash that appears by touching the urushiol is also said to be poison ivy. Many people are unaware of whether it’s contagious or not. It’s wise to get rid of poison ivy. If a person develops any blister or rash due to poison ivy, he should wash that particular area of skin properly to avoid further spreading on the body. Many times others come into contact with out their knowledge and may be exposed to the resin. Those who are sensitive and are allergic develop this rash. As such poison ivy is not contagious unless and until your skin does not get into contact with it. People who are allergic are advised to keep away from this particular plant to avoid allergic reactions and rashes.


Eye Disease: The stye

A stye is an infection of the glands of the eyelid that can occur at all ages but are most common in children and young people. Typically resolves with antibiotic ointments.

1. What is a stye?
Stye. Can affect both the upper and the lower eyelid. A stye is an infection of the glands of the eyelid that is characterized by redness, swelling and pain. It’s an abscess, as there is pus in the affected gland, and you see a yellowish spot.

May originate either in the upper lid and the bottom. The type of stye varies by type of glands that are affected.

2. The internal sty
When it affects the meibomian glands (inner lid) is relatively large and is called internal stye. To treat this apply hot wet compresses for fifteen minutes three or four times a day, followed by the application of eye ointment. If the stye is well-formed, it is necessary to exploit or make an incision. If you head out the incision be made through the skin.

3. The external sty
The external sty is smaller and is a superficial infection of the glands of Moll or Zeiss. Pain is the main symptom and its intensity varies with the degree of swelling of the eyelid. This type of stye always points toward the skin of the eyelid margin. The treatment is basically the same as for domestic.

4. Who is affected?
Styes are seen in all ages but are most common in children and young adults. They often appear repeatedly. They often are associated with blepharitis, bad general condition, anemia or diabetes.

5.  How to Treat

There are a few treatment options for you to get rid of styes, you can find home remedies for a stye here.


What is an Ultrasound Technician?

Also known as ultrasonographers or sonographers, ultrasound technicians work in a variety of fields with specialty equipment to produce images of structures inside the body. The equipment emits inaudible high frequency sound waves that penetrate harmlessly into body tissues, and records the varying reverberations of the sound waves to create an accurate picture of the patient’s body. This sound imaging machinery works in a similar way as radar technology that is used to map ocean floors, except that ultrasound equipment is utilized to map the human body. Specialty areas of the job include using the equipment on the patient’s abdominal area, obstetrics and gynecology for female reproductive health, echocardiography for heart-related issues, nuerosonology for inspection of the brain and spinal cord, and opthalmology for looking at the patient’s eyes and correlating muscles.

Ultrasonographers are responsible for preparing patients for the ultrasound procedure as well as performing the procedure itself. Typically, ultrasonographers explain the procedure to the patient and note any conditions that are relevant to the ultrasound reading. For example, if a patient is scheduled for a mammogram, the patient’s family history of breast cancer as well as self-examination results is recorded. Usually, a gel is applied to the patient’s skin to aid the transmission of the sound waves so that a more accurate image may be obtained. As the images shows up on the equipment’s screen, ultrasonographers examine it for evidence of abnormalities in the patient’s tissues. Some images are then stored for the physician’s records. In addition to these duties, ultrasound technicians are often also in charge of managing and maintaining the equipment they use.

Those looking to join the ultrasound technician field must obtain at least a two-year Associate’s degree from a technician school that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), according to the Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences. To gain admission to an ultrasound program, applicants must have at least a high school diploma, and most programs prefer students who have a strong background in math, science, or any other healthcare-related subjects. The training program prepares future ultrasonographers with education on anatomy, physiology, physics, equipment use, and medical ethics. Those who are already working in the health care, such as registered nurses, may take a one-year certification course to bolster their marketability in the field.

Upon completion of the program, students can register as professional ultrasonographers with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), a standard for employment widely accepted in health care facilities across the country. The average salary for ultrasonographers was $57,160 a year in May 2006, according to the most recent information available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, most ultrasound technician salaries vary based on the specialty field in which the technician works, as well as the technician’s experience in the health care industry.

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Symptoms Of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a disease that affects the lung. It is an inflammatory characteristic which includes the parenchyma becoming inflamed and the alveolar being filled with fluids. These conditions are called consolidation and exudation. Alveoli are sacs filled with air and works in the gaseous exchange within the lungs. Pneumonia can be caused by infection related to bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Pneumonia can also be caused by injury to the lungs, both physical and chemical. Sometimes, the cause of Pneumonia is unknown.

Symptoms of Pneumonia are chest pains, fever, breathing difficulty and coughing. Detecting it can be done with tools like x-rays and sputum exams. The most common cause of pneumonia, bacteria, can be treated with antibiotics. For the viral infection see the question at here: is pneumonia really contagious?

Pneumonia can affect children, young adults and aged people. It affects all age groups and symptoms of pneumonia are mostly common. It is also the leading cause of death among the young and the old. Pneumonia can also decrease the chances of survival in the ill.

There are many vaccines in the market which can prevent a few types of pneumonia. These are less affective once the symptoms of pneumonia occur. The outcome of pneumonia will depend on the type of pneumonia, the treatment used to fight the disease and the patient health.

Symptoms Of Pneumonia

The symptoms of pneumonia depends on the cause of the pneumonia but most forms of pneumonia have a few symptoms in common. Coughing, chest pain, chills, lack of breath or fever are common symptoms of pneumonia.

There are many forms of pneumonia –
In the case of bacteria, the symptoms of pneumonia arise quickly. These symptoms can be quite severe or increase in severity rapidly. The symptoms include:

  • Chills including teeth chattering
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shivering
  • Increase in breathing rate
  • Increase in pulse
  • Blue lips and/or nails due to the decrease of oxygen
  • Chest pain in most cases, quite severe
  • Fever
  • Green or yellow colored mucus. In some cases, they will have blood in them
  • Confusion

In the case of virus, the symptoms of pneumonia arise quickly. These symptoms most lasts for a short period and are not very severe. But the influenza virus is very deadly for elderly people. The symptoms include:

  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle Pain
  • Exhaustion

In the case of mycoplasmal, the symptoms of pneumonia are mild but in some cases severe. This is the most widely spreading form of the disease in people under the age of 40. It spreads through families and communities quite rapidly. The symptoms include :

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Sore Throats
  • Dry Cough
  • Muscle Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Rashes (not that often)