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How to Get Rid of Blisters?

In the previous post, I have introduced you the main causes of blister. Right now, I am going to show you some tips to get rid of blister fasthere.

Fever blisters (cold sore) are sores on the mouth that is triggered by an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus (HPV). This virus is generally contracted after an illness, fever, or some other instance that caused the body stress. The initial infection happens when a person comes into contact with an item that has been contaminated; such as utensils, drinking glass, or even the lips of a person who has fever blisters.

Below are a few tried and true ways to get rid of blisters.

Many different remedies are known for decreasing the time it takes for the sore to heal, to reduce pain, lessen the number of sores, and even to prevent them from occurring altogether.

Antiviral Medication

This topical cold sore treatment can be applied when the first symptoms appear. An antiviral medication may be taken to shorten the time a blister is present, this medicine is in cream or capsule form. A popular home-remedy to get rid of fever blisters with is the use of salt and toothpaste.


Salt is used to dry the sore, but the toothpaste is present to hold the salt in place. First, mix a lot of salt with enough toothpaste to make it stick together in a mass. Clean around the blister, using alcohol or peroxide, and then apply the grainy salt and toothpaste mixture. Make sure to put enough on to cover the blister, the paste should dry within ten minutes. Leave this on while sleeping and be sure to take some ibuprofen if there is swelling with the sore.

These cold sores can be activated by emotional stress, changes or damages to the skin, a major dental process, bright sunlight, or even strong wind. With this in mind, making sure to protect oneself against the elements can cut down on the chance of triggering a cold sore. Also, being mindful of when a sore might be likely to appear will help to get rid of cold sore early.

I hope these tips can help you heal cold sore faster.

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