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Tonsil stones or scientifically termed as tonsilloliths are tiny globs present over the tonsillar crypts when a person suffers from recurrent tonsillitis. Tonsilloliths can create really uncomfortable situation as the patient has foul smelling breath, continuous sore throat and low grade fever. But before we discuss about how you can get rid of tonsilloliths, let us discuss what the problem is and how the symptoms occur.

Tonsilloliths are small stone like substance occurs after prolonged tonsillitis. As the invading bacteria or viruses enter into the tonsillar tissue, they are engulfed by the lymphocytes present there. Lymphocytes are cells of the immune system and can kill any invading bacteria or virus. As they are destroyed, some of the healthy tonsillar tissues are also killed. These two types of dead cells accumulate inside a tonsillar crypt. With the action of minerals like calcium and magnesium they form into a solid structure, the tonsillolith.

As the tonsil stone increases in size, the core of the tonsillolith disintegrates with the presence of sulfur producing bacteria and some gases like hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are released. These gases are the main factor producing bad smell. As tonsillolith is produced after recurrent tonsillitis, the patient will complain of constant sore throat, malaise and fever, cold and dry cough, besides other flu-like symptoms.

Regular brushing your teeth two times a day after food can impede the formation of tonsillolith as the bacterial action becomes less. Proper cleaning of tongue and dental flossing is also quite effective. If the tonsillolith is seen from outside, it can be dislodged using a bobby pin, a cotton swab or a toothpick. One has to be extra cautious not to injure the fragile tonsillar tissues in doing this kind of things.

Definitive cure for tonsilloliths comes from surgical intervention. Local excision and removal of the stone along with removal of the affected tonsil is the procedure of choice. But as the procedure involves post operative complication, it should be stored as the last option.

Symptomatic treatment with nasal spray, nasal drops, cough syrups and painkillers are cannot cure tonsilloliths. Only temporary relief can be obtained. Homeopathy, naturopathy and Ayurvedic medicine also cannot cure tonsilloliths.

A 3-step Chinese herbal therapy is great way to cure from tonsilloliths. As this method of treatment directly addresses the root cause of the disease, permanent cure can be achieved.

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