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Poison Ivy Contagious

Poison ivy contains a chemical oil named urushiol, and the plant releases the oil when touched by someone. Urushiol is present in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant. It is said that many of the people are sensitive to this particular oil and they develop a rash if touched. People may suffer with some some allergic reaction when their body is exposed. The common question among many people that may arise is that, is poison ivy contagious. Just a simple rash is not contagious but when the rash is broken and touched by some one it is said to be contagious. Once the oil is absorbed and reached inside the skin you need not worry. Poison ivy contagious only when we get into contact with urushiol. This should be immediately treated to avoid the increase of rash on the body.

The symptoms of poison ivy are only the red rashes that appear on the body after one or two days of contact with the oil. A person is likely to develop severe allergic reaction if he is too sensitive. Several other symptoms that have been noticed are swelling on the face or eyes, breathing problem or swelling in the throat. If any of the symptoms are observed it is better to consult a doctor immediately for immediate medication. Besides medication, many natural methods can also be adopted for treating this rash as they have no side effects. After a lot of research, it has been discovered that Dermisil is the best and effective in treating poison ivy according to health-guidances.com. Dermisil helps in reducing the itching sensation and gives a soothing effect to the rash. It can be safely used to reduce the rashes and blisters.

Poison ivy is a plant and the rash that appears by touching the urushiol is also said to be poison ivy. Many people are unaware of whether it’s contagious or not. It’s wise to get rid of poison ivy. If a person develops any blister or rash due to poison ivy, he should wash that particular area of skin properly to avoid further spreading on the body. Many times others come into contact with out their knowledge and may be exposed to the resin. Those who are sensitive and are allergic develop this rash. As such poison ivy is not contagious unless and until your skin does not get into contact with it. People who are allergic are advised to keep away from this particular plant to avoid allergic reactions and rashes.

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