Q&As for getting rid of tonsil stones

Q: I am 32 years and my problems started Jan this year when I came back from maternity leave. I can not think of any thing that I have changed in my diet, I think I eat healthy….The only thing I do now that i did no do before is drink more coffee (with milk). Is coffee bad if you have these problems? why did I get the tonsillolith now??? I have read that most get this when they are over 25. Sorry for the long text I just hate this problem I am having.

A: Hi, I understand how you feel. Even small changes to ones lifestyle can produce big effects. The thing is that these stones do not show up at once, but after many months or even years. When you are young, you can basically eat anything you want because your body is healthy and ‘fresh,’ and it will remove any waste products easily. But it will wear down in the long term and give you problems when you are older.

Coffee can give you these problems because it is hard on the system. It is a stimulant and it produces a lot of waste. Pregnancy can also be a factor, since the hormonal balance gets shifted during pregnancy and it takes time before your body has recuperated. If you add something to the diet at that time when your body is not at its best, it could well give you these stones as a sign to change something in your lifestyle.

Try to reduce or remove coffee, or try drinking it without milk for a period of time, say 2 – 3 weeks and see if it changes anything.

Remember that the tonsils are filtering out stuff that enters the body via mouth, nose, ears and eyes. In most cases, it is through the mouth. Try to identify the food that is causing the problem and then remove it.

I hope this will help you, :) and please do ask if it is anything else you need help with. :)

Q: Hi again, I can not drink coffee without milk so from today I will try to stop drinking coffee…. Now that I have thought about what I eat I realized that since 2009 I have been eating natural yoghurt 3% fat almost everyday… I eat yoghurt in the evening as a healthy alternative to a sandwich…of course now it turners out to be bad..

A: What a coincidence! :) must be fate :).

Yoghurt is easier for the body to handle than milk for example because it is fermented. But diary products as a whole have been known to cause tonsil stones. If you can, try eliminating all diary products for a while and see if things become better. If the stones disappear, then add one product at a time to see if the stones appear again. That way you can narrow it down to what type of food is causing tonsil stones to appear.

You can also try removing white wheat products and substitute for whole grain, if you haven’t already.

Another tip is to not eat after 23.00, ideally 19.00 or 20.00 because the liver has its cycle of regeneration at that time. If food is being processed at that time the liver misses its chance to recuperate, which produces more waste products and draws energy from all organs and systems in your body.

This is hard to change if you have learned to eat at night or the evening, but you can always subtract 15 minutes each month from the time of your last meal.

Keep me posted on how things turn out for you!

Take care and sat nam!

Q: Hi again, thanks for your reply. I have some another questions…I have read that the stones usually affect people who have had lost of throat infections, is that true? My sister also had this problem for awhile when she was in her 30s but it went away by itself. I do not think she changed anything in her diet. I have holes in my tonsils think I got them after having a really bad pain in my throat 2 times during 4 days in the period of 2 weeks. When I take out the stones I looks like I get more holes. Do you think they will disappear? Thanks for your time :-)

A: Throat infections are a sign that something foreign in the throat is being removed by the tonsils. If a person had lots of throat infections, it could mean that scars have developed in the tonsils and its work capacity has been reduced. The tonsils then become under active and the stones occur as a result.

The holes that you see in your tonsils are the tonsil crypts, which are hollow formations that the tonsils put their waste. They can become larger in order for the waste to get out more easily. The tissue is flexible and it will go back to normal size once your tonsils heal.

Tonsil stones can be a tricky condition since it is caused by lifestyle and diet. Stress can also produce these stones in combination with diet, allergy etc. It is often more than one factor that causes tonsil stones. Your sister had something that increased the activity of the immune system which produced excess waste products in the lymph fluid, which made the tonsils under active and ultimately produced tonsil stones.

If you have more questions please ask! :)

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